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Come Learn with us Outdoors!

OPEN HOUSE WEDNESDAY JUNE 29 2-4pm and 6-8pm

Bring the family for a tour of our school and preschool and learn more about our summer day camps for school-age children, as well as our school-year programs.
Call or text 705-498-3547 or 705-358-6879 for more information, or write to us at

Child in tree

Forest School

Learn about our natural environment, use tools (appropriately and with supervision), and discover the world around us. Make natural art, climb trees, improve social skills and nurture a respect for the land. KIND leaves room for children to choose their own play. It takes time for creativity and imaginative games to unfold. A day at forest school is everything and anything your child wants it to be. The rules and boundaries are clearly set and enforced and safety is maintained at all times but children are encouraged to explore and engage with their surroundings in whatever way makes sense to them. We have engaging learning circles where we share our discoveries and challenges. We set up daily provocations and experiences to stretch thinking and provide opportunities to safely test limits and experience success. Best of all children are free to socialize or take time alone when they feel the need. We encourage self regulation and collaborative problem solving and follow Forest and Nature School principles.

Pre-Kindergarten and Child Care spaces available now

We believe that kids are never too young to learn about the natural world and when the opportunity to open an early years program knocked… we answered. So we invite you to come and tour our (currently unlicensed) child care centre. We offer both full-time and part-time options as well as before and after school care and PD day camps. Run by experienced and qualified staff with first-aid/ CPR, and vulnerable sector record checks, we provide quality care in a spacious, stimulating environment with,low teacher-child ratios. Like most early years childcares we follow the Ontario Curriculum Document “How Does Learning Happen?” to ensure your child has the best start to his or her journey to becoming a lifelong learner. ,

We believe in equipping your children with the skills to be able to learn for the rest of their lives! As an Ontario Certified Teacher, a Registered Early Childhood Educator and a mom, I know that real learning never ends. My teaching partner Johanna and I strive to make everyday at KIND Forest School a fun, satisfying day full of accomplishing goals, physical activity and making friends. Some of our children come a few days a week and some part time but we are all part of a close knit learning community. I too am always learning and discovering along with my kids and students everyday. Learning truly is fun!

Life Long Learning

Students balancing on our slack line

KIND Kids In Nature Discovering

KIND Forest School is a place for kids to get outside. We believe in play-based, child-led learning in the natural environment alongside Ontario curriculum taught by certified teachers.


Registration open while spaces available:
Part-time spaces ($50/day) and full-time spaces ($200/week) are still available, as is limited space in before and after school childcare. Registration will remain open until spaces are full.

Please contact us at or via Facebook ( to book a tour, schedule a free trial day for your child(ren), and ask any questions you may have.

What parents say

My son struggled with school and had major anxiety about going everyday. Now he loves going where his time is his own and he feels free to learn at his own pace. This has been the best decision we made, and his educators have worked hard to help him feel comfortable and have fun.

― Sheldon, Grade 3 parent

My daughter is full of energy and needs a place where she can safely let that out around people who are patient and understanding. She loves being in the forest with Kalyn and the children at KIND.

– Megan, Grade 2 parent

Kids In Nature Discovering


There is a relationship between children’s exploration of the unknown, investigation of the unpredictable, creation of a sense of wonderment, and their development, health and wellbeing (Fjortoft, 2004; Burdette & Whitaker, 2005; Dietze & Kashin, 2016).

Let’s face it, the global pandemic is with us for much longer than we all expected. We all, as human beings, are still learning to navigate this new normal. Schools, like all businesses, are trying to figure out how to operate with social distancing and cleaning measures they were not designed or equipped for. Except that teachers unions and the government were already unable to work together before the pandemic and are still struggling to agree on what is best for your children regarding masks, class sizes and home learning. We believe that parents should be the leaders in their children’s education. We all deserve more choice during these unprecedented times.


Schools are increasingly being criticized for being overcrowded and underfunded. Teachers are speaking out about experiencing violence in the classroom and an unusually high workload in some classes where students have high needs and many challenging behaviours. Although the industry experts argue over the causes, concerns and solutions to the difficulties plaguing public education, one thing that researchers can agree upon… getting kids outside, not only benefits the individual learner now, in the future and our community environment in the long term.


Together we learn about nature, each other and ourselves. We follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Scouts Canada practice of Plan. Do. Review. Where students make a Plan in the morning during the meeting circle. Then gather materials and work for the Do part of the day. Educators guide students towards curriculum expectations during this time. We finish the day with a Review of our learning goals where students can share their learning and experiences with each other during closing meeting time hopefully inspiring new learning goals for their next day of forest school.

Learn in and about our natural environment, use tools (appropriately with supervision), make art, climb trees, improve social skills and nurture a respect for the land we occupy and the world around us.

Have more questions?

Call, text, Facebook message or email us to set up an appointment where we will show you around the school and explain what learning is like in a Forest School.

Why not set up a day for your child where they will interact with a certified practitioner in our outdoor classroom environment? After meeting with us and touring the school, your child is entitled to a free trial day while you are deciding whether the forest school model is the best fit for your family.

As parents, we understand that while we love having our children at home with us during these uncertain times, we also have to balance their needs as naturally social creatures and our own ability to earn an income with homeschooling/distance learning and managing a household. This is a tall task and we know KIND Forest School can support families by providing options that take some of the pressure off. Give us a call at 705 358-6879 or email at and embrace learning together!

About Us

We are a forest school located in North Bay, Ontario. This independent school is run by two Ontario certified teachers (Kalyn and Johanna). Kalyn is also a forest and nature school practitioner certified by the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada and an Ontario Certified Teacher and an RECE.



We continue to welcome new students each week!

We are still available to give tours of our learning environment (indoor and in the forest) where you can ask any questions you may have for our educators. Kids welcome too!

18 thoughts on “KIND natured

  1. Hi. I am extremely interested in this, what is the wait list/plan for September ? Costs? Are you guys accredited or something along those lines. Not that it super matters in this pandemic.


    1. Hi Mel. Thanks for inquiring. We are in the process of becoming licensed as a before and after school childcare centre through the Ministry of Education. We will also be registered as an independent private school in Ontario. We are accepting enrolment for September with limited spaces.

      Forest School is a model that’s been around for decades, based on child-led collaborative learning and regular access to the same natural environment. Teachers guide students to plan-do-review their own learning goals, which involves learning circles at the beginning (“plan”) and end (“review”) of each day where students discuss their learning together. There is also individual and small group engagement with the teacher during the “do” portion of the day, as well as time for free play. As teachers, we use the Ontario Curriculum to plan educational opportunities that meet the objectives of each grade, do them in a holistic way wherever possible, and review them along the lines of grade expectations.

      Children will spend a large portion of time outside in all types of weather. Our outdoor space at 1404 O’Brien St offers a large wooded area and access to Chippewa Creek. Our indoor space will have elements of traditional classrooms, such as a whiteboard and desks/tables, as well as a cozy library and space with materials for arts/crafts and music education.

      Kalyn Hale is an Ontario certified teacher, Registered Early Childhood Educator and Forest School Practitioner. She has been an Occasional Teacher for the Near North Board since 2013 as well as in early learning environments. Johanna Kristolaitis is also a certified teacher. She has worked in early learning environments, including as the Early Literacy Specialist for the Nipissing District, and in day camp settings with school children of various ages. She is also involved with Beaver Scouts, which follows a plan-do-review child-led model. Both of us were searching for an engaging school model that would bring to life the natural curiosity of children and offer more flexibility and physical activity than traditional school. Ultimately this connected us, and the result is KIND Forest School opening this September.
      Cost is in line with childcare currently and we are capping classes at 10 students.
      We look forward to seeing you at the open house. We’ll be on site August 21 and 22; more details (such as open house hours) will be posted closer to the date on our website ( as well as our Facebook Page and Instagram account (@kind_forestschool). If you have any other questions in the meantime, please feel free to ask through any of these channels.


    1. Hi Dawna,
      So glad you are interested. Are you familiar with the Forest School model? What interests you about the program? What questions do you have? We are two certified teachers opening a registered private forest school in North Bay starting in September. We have before and after school care and follow Ontario curriculum expectations while offering child led learning in the forest. You can check us out on Facebook, Instagram and email at

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  2. What time is your open house being held? Also, due to the current school climate and the pandemic would you be offering classes for grade 8’s as well or even an after school program for that age group?


    1. While we are open to offering grade 7 and 8 in the future, we’re unfortunately not able to provide the type of accredited programming for those grades that is needed to connect to high school, mainly since this is our first year in operation. We would certainly be open to an after-school program or part-time school attendance and would be happy to discuss options with you at the open house.

      Times for the open house will be posted to the top of our website and our Facebook page ( later today.


    1. Our open house hours are now set , with three time slots (10-12, 1-3, or 4-6) on each of the open house days (August 21 and 22). Please contact us by email ( or Facebook Messenger to confirm your preferred time. Thanks!


  3. We will be away for the dates of the open house ( I’m bummed) wondering if we could set up a later date to come check out the school .. I’m interested in putting my kids who will be doing distance learning once a week they are 6 and 3 (7 and 4 in October lol) for one day a week.. have you release your rates yet? Thanks 😊


    1. I am also away those days. I’ll take the survey and connect for more information. I’d be very interested in French options as my kids are in French school currently!


      1. Hi Maria,

        My apologies for the delay in replying. We can certainly set up another tour date for you or any other families who aren’t able to attend this Friday and Saturday. Please send us an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram to start the process.

        Nous sommes qualifiées pour enseigner en immersion française, selon nos certifications d’enseignement. Pour ma part, j’aime utiliser la langue française autant que possible et j’espère que mon niveau de compétence en français est suffisant pour répondre aux besoins des familles francophones qui s’intéressent à notre programme. 🙂


  4. Hahah I should have re read that lol
    We will be away for the dates of the open house ( I’m bummed) wondering if we could set up a later date to come check out the school .. I’m interested sending my kids to your school Once a week . They will be doing distance learning this year they are 6 and 3 (7 and 4 in October lol) have you released your rates yet? Thanks 😊


    1. Hi Natalie,

      My apologies for the delay in replying. We can certainly set up another tour date for you or any other families who aren’t able to attend this Friday and Saturday. Please send us an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram to start the process.

      As for our rates, they are $50/day for part-time and $200/week for full-time. This information is now on our website as well. We appreciate everyone’s patience with making that available.


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