Welcome to KIND Forest School. We are a growing, private Forest School serving students from 3.5 to 13 years of age. At KIND, we strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive community of children, teachers and families, where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, and accepted for who they are as individuals.

Our History

KIND was conceived and constructed by Kalyn Hale, a mother of two, dedicated to her children’s authentic learning experiences. As an Ontario qualified elementary teacher and Registered Early Childhood Educator she loved to see that sparkle in kids eyes when they were engaged in learning something new and relevant to them. As an Occasional Teacher for the Near North District School Board since 2013, she was regularly disappointed that those moments of learning excitement were sometimes few and far between. Even while working in Child Care and early learning she worried that somehow, collectively, we were missing something crucial as educators and kids were missing out too. 

When an ECE colleague mentioned and explained Forest school, Kalyn jumped into learning and training with both feet. She invested in the forest school Practitioners course and learned the ins and outs of running a forest school of her own. Years of preparation have now paid off and she is looking forward to seeing her inspiration and passion for learning outdoors come to life.

At our school, students as well as teachers are encouraged to be curious about the world, and to find out as much as they can about the things that interest them. We focus on universal basics such as math and literacy as a bridge to more focused study in other subjects like geography, economics, history, languages, literature, zoology, botany, physics and chemistry. We value hands-on, experiential learning, where teachers act as guides and facilitators to the students, who are on their own individual quests for knowledge and understanding of their world. Students are taught to formulate their own questions, and uncover their own answers, through the guidance and nurturing of their teachers. Being outside and experiencing nature in all its wonder is an important and large part of our day to day learning. Movement, music and art go hand in hand with all other learning. We encourage our students to ask “why” and give them the space to uncover the answers.

We are registered with the Ministry of Education as a private school. It is important to note that we are not a child care centre, but a school and we encourage students to embrace Forest School education for the totality of their elementary careers but we respect a student and families right to choose their own path whether that includes traditional public education from September to June, home school, forest school or a combination that works for them. 

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